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Unchain yourself & be your true self! Best destinations, no limits, pure entertainment!

About Unlimited Activity

Party without boundaries! We believe that genuine fun should be without any constraints. We’ve travelled through many cities, enjoyed many attractions and enjoyed many good parties. If there has ever been one common negative aspect hampering otherwise enjoyable experience, it would be limits. Limits and boundaries. The caged times are over and we bring you a whole different set of colourful attraction that have one thing in common – there are no limits! You can have as many drinks you like, you can shoot as many times you want and you can eat until you explode! Yes, we destrosyed the limits! Just chose your preferred destination and pick any of the unlimited attractions! Please note, Unlimited Activity is member of Experience Buddy Family, where you can check our different activities.

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Array ( [65] => Array ( [id] => 65 [id_activity] => 10 [title] => Prague [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => prague [description] => One of the most spectacular cities in Europe, Prague’s magic usually makes visitors to come back at some point. The city has a rich history with the incredibly well preserved historical centre containing many old beautiful buildings and monuments. The city centre is unusually wide – 866 hectars - and is included in the UNESCO world heritage list in its entirety since 1992! Prague is a not just a cradle of culture with plenty of famous writers and artists. It is also a hotbed of entertainment where you can always - during any season, any day of the week – find something that will scream entertainment to you! And then you have the authentic beer culture full of traditional pubs and bars which is a national treasure in its own right! [img] => 579a188388ce8-prague.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) [66] => Array ( [id] => 66 [id_activity] => 10 [title] => Budapest [country] => Hungary [slug] => budapest [description] => Welcome to the spa capital of the world! Budapest is the largest spa city in the world thanks to 123 thermal streams located on the territory of the Hungarian capital. The first spa in the town was constructed during the Roman colonization of the territory, but most of the spa was built during the Turkish colonization era. The world of wellness and delights is closer than you think! Some of the Spa in Budapest even organizes spa parties which belong among the most favourite attractions in the town. Speaking of parties, Budapest is an amazing place to go out – from the desolate beauty of ruin bars to kinky hot lap dance clubs and night clubs – Budapest really has the best of all worlds! [img] => 581c6ba0d0d8c-budapest.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 2 ) [67] => Array ( [id] => 67 [id_activity] => 10 [title] => Amsterdam [country] => Netherlands [slug] => amsterdam [description] => Welcome to the city of tolerance, freedom and history! Amsterdam’s famous nickname „Venice of the north“ contains a portion of irony, because there are actually more canals than in Venice! Equally striking is the fact that there are more bicycles (over 880 000) than people in Amsterdam! And that’s just the beginning as far as unique things in Amsterdam are concerned! Despite being the capital of Netherlands, you would be looking for the president or the parliament in vain. Fortunately for all fun-loving travellers, Amsterdam makes up for that in the best possible way – the amazing atmosphere of freedom, coffee shops, authentic Dutch bars or the ultra-famous red-light district! [img] => 579a18f675ea9-amsterdam.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 3 ) [68] => Array ( [id] => 68 [id_activity] => 10 [title] => Bratislava [country] => Slovakia [slug] => bratislava [description] => If the region of central Europe had a capital city, it would have to be in Bratislava. You may start to shake your head when you realize the vicinity of Prague, Wien and Budapest. Let me un-shake it for you then! When you walk up to the monumental Bratislava castle on the river Danube, you actually have a view at 4 countries – Austria, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Slovakia - making Bratislava a natural crossroad point in the region. And this is a great reflection of the cosmopolitan character of the Bratislava from the past – The Hungarian, German, Jewish and Slovak speaking town used to be a meeting point for merchants the whole region! [img] => 579a19201f231-bratislava.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 4 ) )

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